Build your interaction with the recipient in an innovative way

Thermo-selfie is a brilliant advertising idea which surprises and encourages the users to promote your brand in an unconventional way.

What is Thermo-selfie? This a photo taken using thermal imaging, or a process of imaging in medium infrared band.

How does the device operate?

  • Screens connected to thermal cameras are installed in dedicated, robust casings
  • The cameras record thermal radiation of physical bodies with no need for any extra light
  • After a picture is taken, it is printed and given to the event participant as a keepsake

Advantages of the solution

Reaching entirely new recipients, advertising reach of up to 100,000 people a day

Non-invasive advertising method which involves the recipient and attracts their attention

Ability to reach a broad group of Internet users thanks to the option to share the selfie in social media

Branding / customisation

Your corporate logo can be placed:

  • on the device
  • in the dedicated graphic designs
  • in the printed photos

Examples of the Thermo-selfie use

Eventy i reklama

Events and advertising
(product promotion)

Targi branżowe

Trade fairs

Konferencje i szkolenia

Conferences and training sessions



Centra handlowe

Shopping centres


We were the first in Poland to create a unique citylight measuring temperature. This interactive tool features a highly interesting functionality. After you have had your temperature checked, you can take a Thermo-selfie and share it in social media.

The project was implemented for our customer, Saatchi&Saatchi. The campaign was aimed at promoting Theraflu brand, a medication combating flu symptoms from GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare portfolio.

In 2016, our customer was awarded Bronze Lion at the international festival Cannes Lions in the Outdoor category for that project. This is the most important distinction in the advertising sector, “Oscar awards in advertising”.

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