• detection of possible infection chain
  • increasing the sense of the users of given facility
  • regulating traffic through dedicated software
  • implementation of permanent security standards in public facilities


  • thermal cameras / gates
  • IT system for one or many objects at the same time
  • dedicated applications with give a possibility of arranging people in the line and controlling the traffic flow
  • assistance in developing a critical path when a potential threat is detected
  • on-site medical testing package
  • system administration / service in the subscription model

Updated requirements based on in-depth market analysis


  • Sensor accuracy: ± 0,5°C ( ±0.3°C with black body)
  • Suitable for narrow spaces such as entrances and exits
  • Suitable for large spaces such as airports and railways


  • Contactless temperature measurement, quick field of view review
  • Wide range and multiple objects measurement simultaneously
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Fever alarm in real time


  • Early warning automatic mechanism, cost-saving and reducing the risk of contagion risk
  • Data gathering with analytics and graphs option

Professional safety solution

  • Professional thermovision camera fixed or rotating with sound alarm option when increased temperature is detected
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Ability to detect faces in picture, multiple target measurement at the same time without false alarms
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 0,5°C (: ±0.3°C with black body)
  • Allowing for non-contact control reducing risk of contagion
  • High efficiency of the system allowing for on-the-fly operation of passers-by
  • Intuitive user interface allowing for fast training of staff
  • High image resolution – quick identification of individuals with fever
  • Photo archiving in central database for identification purposes that can be paired with other data e.g: biometrics

System variants:

  • BOX – ready – made solution
  • STANDARD – scalable system, images from many cameras, integration with an e-mail / sms gateway
  • PRO – professional and advanced system, central management in the cloud system, client-server architecture for many objects

PRICE: determined individually

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