20th anniversary of Wrigley

A festive event was held to celebrate 20th anniversary of Wrigley in Poland. The organisers built a closed stage with 58 tables in the sports and recreation centre in Poznań.

The contribution of Ejsak Group to the project consisted in developing a multimedia game inspired by the legendary “Familiada” quiz show. This time Karol Sz. was substituted by Tomasz Kammel. We had only three days to prepare the project, but we managed to do it.

For the event we developed an application controlling 60 tablets where the questions for the participants were displayed. Although the questions were connected with the FMCG sector and the company history, they were a serious challenge even more so as the time was important, just 20 seconds to respond. The teams answering in the shortest time possible received a bonus. In this way, after two 10-question rounds we presented a ranking and chose top two teams.

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