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Mobile solutions for events and conferences


The cutting-edge mobile conference applications are an absolute must-have for every reputable organiser of an event, conference, festival or concert. Despite the high popularity of multimedia systems during all sorts of events, only unconventional and unique solutions will enable the event participants to remember it for a long time. If you are looking for interesting and original ideas for a value added to the event, conference, congress or fair exhibition, and also want to be sure it is of the highest quality, contact us today. is a team of committed specialists whose creativity and experience will help you reach your goal.

Mobile conference applications not only lead to positive associations with the event, but also facilitate communication with the users and help in organisation. Thanks to this application, you can easily present the most important details of the event, including the agenda, speakers, partners, news and photo coverage. The proprietary solutions of Ejsak Group will ensure also an easy to operate and fast mobile system of registration through an application which will help you stay in touch with the conference participants.

Mobile conference applications are a product in our offer which is constantly developed. If you have any idea for a functionality solving any problem, facilitating your work or supporting the participants, contact us. We are a group of experienced professionals, committed to and focused on providing innovative solutions of the highest quality, matching the nature of every event precisely.

Mobile conference applications will provide the participants with a set of indispensable information, including:

  • the event agenda,
  • a list and profiles of speakers,
  • instantaneous access to conference materials thanks to the QR code scanner,
  • photo coverage and news,
  • transport tips, organisers’ and partners’ details.

What is more, mobile conference applications are equipped with a broad range of functionalities:

  • push notifications from the organisers,
  • reminder of times and locations of selected events,
  • possibility to chat with speakers and other participants,
  • possibility to evaluate the speeches and speakers (surveys).

Conference applications and augmented reality (AR)

Our applications can be expanded using a system combining the real world with a computer-generated one, i.e. the augmented reality.

The application user may scan any symbol (not necessarily a QR code, but also e.g. a corporate logo) and will be transferred to virtual, interactive reality ensuring the 3D freedom of movement.

This is a unique added value making the application more appealing and making the conference or event participant remember the organiser for long. The augmented reality ensures wonderful visual experience and is engraved in memory for a long time.

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