Poznań Motor Show

A system to preserve emotions

0:29–0:55 minute — an interview with Piotr Sobiech, 1:49–1:51 minute — our application

During an automotive fair called Poznań Motor Show 2017 ŠKODA brand presented the features of the brand-new SUV model, meaning ŠKODA Kodiaq. Its exciting design as well as smart and innovative technologies are just some of the many assets of that vehicle.

To demonstrate ŠKODA Kodiaq potential off-road, the brand prepared a special obstacle course with the area of 3,600 m2. Every visitor to the fair could travel in the new Skoda as a passenger and test the off-road competences of the vehicle when driving up a slope of 40 degrees or with significant axle articulation.

As requested by the customer, we ensured driving in the new model was an unforgettable experience, preparing the system of recording and distributing videos to every drive participant. The results? We sent more than 2,000 videos showing the best time during the event by e-mail! Thanks to the solution developed by us, the participants could share them in social media.

Our system comprised 4 subsystem, including:

  • Registration: collecting data and assigning numbers to those eager to drive,
  • A system shooting and assigning the video to a specific user
  • Application editing the video automatically (without any human editor!)
  • Application and a website to upload the videos to the server, and to send them to e-mail addresses and social media

Project details

  • For the project we supplied:
  1. an application for registering the drive participants
  2. cameras with a car holder (20 cameras), with the software provided by us
  3. a system managing the numbers and video files
  4. an application for video editing
  5. a website to watch/download videos
  6. hardware (computers with systems, a computer with the editing application, Wi-Fi routers for connecting cameras with the system)
  • We were responsible for comprehensive technical support, including installation and removal, as well as transport
  • We developed and prepared all that in only 4 weeks!
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