Expo 2017 Astana International

Expo 2017 Astana International is an international exhibition in Kazakhstan. This year, the participation in the event was announced by 116 states and 18 international organisations which is one of the highest numbers of participants in the global exhibition history. The leitmotiv of Expo 2017 is “the energy of the future”. A Polish multimedia stand, presenting high-tech industrial solutions, was created for that event with the area of one thousand square metres.

Our contribution to the event consisted in preparing nine interactive applications for several dozen multimedia devices. The applications presented the technological achievements and solutions related to clean coal technologies and forestation in Poland following the motto of “Creative people, smart Energy”. The project was ordered by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Project details

  • We prepared 9 interactive applications for several dozen touch-controlled multimedia devices
  • We created 2 systems for the monitoring and remote control of the interactive applications
  • We developed a power management panel in the Polish Expo pavilion (from a tablet)
  • Our scope of service comprises also technical support, including computer hardware and network equipment (switches, routers, Wi-Fi) configuration.
  • Hardware installation, including displays, screens (touch, transparent, seamless ones)
  • Development of a life preview with a 360 camera
  • Team of 5
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