25th anniversary of Siemens

Our contribution to that project consisted in the development of systems and multimedia applications prepared as attractions for the event guests. The occasion was a festive gala to celebrate 25th anniversary of Siemens in Poland.

Based on four themes, including transport, health, renewable energy and processes, we created innovative attractions being the cornerstone of the agenda, including:

  • Thermo-selfie
  • Joy meter
  • NeuroSky and Fabryka myśli [Thought factory] (mind-controlled games)
  • Human Joystick (interactive game)
  • Zielone miasto [Green city] (game controlled with tablets)
  • Video wall (large-size displays introducing event participants efficiently)
  • Transparent screen (object animation using 3D mapping)
  • Ekran mgłowy [Fog screen] (gesture-controlled game)
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