Interactive fitting room

We designed and created an interactive fitting room in a shopping centre in Warsaw for the promotional campaign of Head & Shoulders.

This ambient system had a few tasks. It was to attract attention with its innovative design, to be interactive but, most importantly, to surprise the unaware customers of a clothes shop.

According to the concept, the fitting room was not to be any different than any other at first glance. 4 walls, a hanger, curtain, mirror and good lighting. This is why our 70″ screen was hidden behind a one-way mirror thanks to which we were certain the customer will not see what is inside. Behind the mirror, there was also a vending mechanism for sample vending designed by us, and a computer with a multimedia application controlling the whole project. Under the ceiling we hid a kinect fulfilling two goals. It signalled someone entered the fitting room and enabled to “press” the button displayed further on in the animation. All that was “pinned up” with an electronic controller designed by our specialist from scratch.

This unusual project was implemented at the request of a global advertising agency called Saatchi&Saatchi with its seat in New York.

Project details

  • A fitting room in the shop of Big Star Arkadia.
  • 10 weeks’ operation.
  • More than 800 vended samples.
  • The solution was developed in modules and installed in the shop during a single night, replacing the existing fitting room.
  • For its appropriate operation, the following were used: a one-way mirror, 60″ screen, a computer, Kinect, 25 metres of LED lighting, an electronic stepper motor, specially designed electronic controller with a computer and lighting control connected.
  • The entire project was developed and prepared in 5 weeks.
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