Photography 360˚

A new form of the event photos

Photography 360 is a showy event attraction and also a tool with an immense marketing potential. The technology is used also to promote products.

The bullet-time effect was used e.g. in the film called Matrix. The technology offers extraordinary possibilities of picture creation. It enables to capture the dynamism of the moment and share interactive memories of the event with fans.

Advantages of the solution

A powerful buzz-marketing solution. The material recorded during the event may be shared and commented on in social media

Ability to reach a wide group of Internet users

Unique keepsake from the event

The material can be displayed both on a computer and on mobile devices

Branding / customisation

Your corporate logo can be placed:

  • in the pictures
  • in the dedicated landing page

Example of Photo 360˚ application

Eventy i reklama

Events and advertising
(product promotion)

Targi branżowe

Trade fairs

Konferencje i szkolenia

Conferences and training sessions

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